Vision is the art of seeing the invisible

About me
I first realized that I wanted to be a photographer at the age of 16. I was part of a crowd at a rock concert. Everyone in the crowd was dancing away on the music and singing along to the chorus of the song. I noticed that the musicians were exchanging “moments” with each other on stage, moments that were missed by most of the fans in the crowd. Photography is about freezing the moment, capturing life and creating visual memories. I made a decision there and then that Photography would be a big part of my future.
My parents were dead set against Photography being my choice for a future occupation and my Dad told me he would not contribute towards my goal of becoming a Photographer. He desperately wanted me to be a lawyer.
I worked week-ends to save up money and then at 19 ventured to the UK to work and save money for a formal education in Photography. In the UK, I acquired a love for travelling and meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. My time in the UK was a big learning curve and I returned back to South-Africa to study at the National College of Photography (now part of Vega – ). After completing my diploma in photography I stayed on at the college as assistant lecturer for two years before venturing on my own. I realised that I also developed a love for teaching photography and worked part time as a lecturer for the College of digital Photography

Being a Photographer has taught me a lot about myself. The lens points both ways and I have learned a lot about the way I view the world and life. Photography has broadened my horizons. It is teaching me how to understand people better and it is allowing me to tell visual stories, of the people I meet, the places I travel to, the landscapes I see, the laughter, love, tears and joy of my life and the people I meet along the way. I am grateful. I am blessed.


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